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we have several updates on stories we have been falling truck the evening. >> first, we are following breaking news in west baltimore. a triple shooting happened around 9:30 this evening. investigators say two males and one female were found as suffering from gunshot wounds. >> to the latest on a pair of breaking news stories reported during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. >> one involved a high-speed chase. first, more details about the man who accurased -- accused the elmo puppeteer of sex with a teen. clash said it was never the case and was a relationship between two consenting adults.
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he is relieved the allegations have been put to rest. >> this was the wild scene on rush hour this evening. a stolen car smashed into another vehicle. authorities from three police agencies were involved. they spotted the car that was equipped with a low jacked tracking device. the stolen car took off and was spotted. we are told the person in the other vehicle suffered non-life- threatening injuries. we are getting beat tells about a disturbance to video servicing on-line today. >> it is incredible. a bus driver is fighting with a passenger. the video has been viewed hundreds of times on youtube. we are joined live from north baltimore with more on the big story. >> the video is certainly jarring but hardly unique thanks
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to cellphone cameras. videos like this are popping up all over the internet. some say it is a symptom of a larger problem with in our society. >> oh my god. >> a. self on video shows a bus driver going after a young passenger. officials say the incident involved a student writing before the line -- riding the 40 line. police are piecing together witness statements and surveillance footage. >> the bus driver has been removed from service pending an investigation. >> this video shows a cleveland bus driver punching a female passenger and a florida bus driver scuffling with a student. the violence on display is not the only cause for alarm. time after time, witnesses reached for itself owns to capture the fight instead of
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calling for help or intervening. >> people are learning not to be active participants in problem solving, but rather be observant. >> the doctor believes the trend could egg on participants who may play to the camera. >> this was not the norm 20 years ago. now, with the availability of technology, there are ways of coping with an and frustration that are different at a social level. we are doing different kinds of problems all the interventions. what does that mean to us 20 years from now. >> our operators are instructed to contact a supervisor and call them to the scene. >> it is not just the bus drivers caught on tape lashing out. there are plenty of videos
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online showing passengers going after each other or bus drivers. bus driver iss off the road pending an investigation. >> police are looking for two suspects after a shooting and an attempted armed robbery. it happened just before 3:30 this afternoon. police say a man was shot during the incident. he is expected to recover. the murder trial of a former buoy state university student charged with killing her roommate. prosecutors say alexis stabbed her roommate during an argument over loud music. police say she fled the campus after the stabbing but later turned herself in. she is charged with murder and carrying a deadly weapon. >> a former delegate says she should be reinstated to or office. she was suspended from the maryland house of delegates
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after pleading guilty for using campaign funds to fund her wedding expenses. counsel to the legislator says she was permanently removed from her tarmac after a collision course between the obama administration and a group of catholic bishops. the group says it believes the religious freedom in the u.s. is being weakened. the cardinal claims the church will never comply with providing birth control and health insurance. >> the only thing, we are certainly prepared to not give in. >> several catholic protested and delivered a 25,000 signature petition calling on church leaders to reconsider their alliance with the gop.
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>> a growing scandal in washington has already claimed the career for the director of the sierra -- of the cia. general john allen is being now investigated for a pet -- for potentially inappropriate e- mails with jill kelley. >> right now, my view is let's see what the investigation turns upward and what the committee is able to determine as to what exactly took place. >> kelley complain to the fbi several months ago after receiving threatening e-mails from paula broadwell. petraeus -- petraeus resigned on
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friday. >> the very heavy lifting awaits in the coming weeks. lawmakers promise they are headed for progress. unless congress reaches a deal in the next seven weeks, -- bring about $600 billion in budget cuts and one of the steepest tax increases in 60 years. republicans still want to extend tax cuts for everyone. democrats, including the president, favor raising taxes on the wealthy. nancy pelosi says she will reveal her plans tomorrow as to whether she will remain a democratic leader in the house. she will meet with the caucus before making that announcement. they will vote on the leadership position sometime later this month. >> it is tough to keep friends when you do not win the presidency. the world of social media. mitt romney has been losing faithful fans by the thousands.
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social media users began on liking romney -- unliking romney. he lost 593 likes an hour. he continued to lose a round 11 likes every minute. a little creepy? facebook is taking information about users who are in a relationship and creating a page just for you whether you want one or not. shared posts and events and photos in which you were tagged. a user said she was ready to break up with her husband on facebook just to. >> a new breast-feeding policy recommendations. the guidelines were developed for hospitals caught are also aimed at helping more mothers breast feed their babies and help improve newborn health.
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live in the studio, more on this story. >> 70 -- 72% of maryland mothers breastfeed after leaving the hospital. those numbers may increase and they are hoping the recommendations will help. the newborn will stay in hospital for 24 hours to 48 hours after being born. and at hospitals and others to choose to breast feed. >> we know a lot of moms coming into the hospital present -- pregnant and want to breast feed, but you're actually -- but fewer are actually able to be successful. >> helping mothers initiate breastfeeding within an hour of birth. it allows mothers and in flint -- and infants to remain together 24 hours a day and informing all pregnant women about the benefits and management of breast feeding.
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>> for a healthy baby, breast milk is the ideal nutrition. it is really optimal, not only for nutrition purposes, but also for immunity. some babies for medical reasons need formula. >> the recommendations are not mandatory. they were developed by a team of about 150 people over a year. officials say no maryland hospital has yet to receive the official designation, but about six are committed to complying. >> we are in a great position. >> this doctor says the hospital has seen at least a 20% increase in breast feeding mothers in the past seven years. it hopes to continue the trend. >> we have seen a marked increase in breast feeding just by doing the initiatives we have put together. having your staff trained and every person who can help the
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mother other than a lactation consultant is a huge benefit for mothers. >> health officials have asked hospitals to notify them of their plans by the end of the year. we have a full list of all the recommendations on our website. bal.rting live, w >> a new doll hitting the stores is causing controversy. the breast feeding doll. it is made by a family-owned doll maker. the doll burps and cries but those sounds do not require contact at the chest. some people believe its actualizes little girls and others believe it is educational for little girls. >> issues far too complex for teachers and administrators to address. right now, there are more than 35,000 psychologists in schools.
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experts say it is important to meet the psychological needs of students so they can focus on learning. >> kids have a variety of needs. they are bringing in back packs filled with things from home, things from the community, social things. if we do not allow them to on pack that backpack, they are not unbearable for learning -- unpack that backpack, they are not available for learning. >> it was a remarkable transformation at the high school tonight. back in august, the cafeteria was the scene of a terrifying school shooting, but tonight, it was a place of celebration. >> daniel is a man of few words who can assemble an army of volunteers. >> does it make you happy? do you feel good? >> yes. >> the high school student was
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critically injured on the first day of school when a fellow student allegedly walked into the cafeteria and opened fire. daniel spent two weeks in trauma and received several units of blood that help save his life. >> for us to have the opportunity to help out in any way to give back, to help those we are moreped thehim, than happy to do it. >> daniel returned to class last week. on tuesday night, in that very same cafeteria, he celebrated the recovery by hosting a blood drive. more than 60 people signed up and he got more to just walk in. >> it is important to come together since everything that happened. >> the red cross is currently experiencing a shortage of blood because of super storm sandy. in addition to daniel, is what drove many here on this night.
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a chance to help others, give back, and say thank you for getting back one of their own. [laughter] >> public works officials say a new water main has been installed. crews repaired that break that happened monday morning, shutting down surrounding roads. officials say water has also been restored to every one affected. overnight, crews also repaired a 16-inch water main that broke monday. happened near roswell boulevard and affected water service for a nearby hospital. both breaks come just five days after a burst. >> tonight from maryland, homeowners are out thousands of
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dollars because a contract allegedly lied about his license, took their money, and ran. >> he is facing criminal charges. he is tracked down and we explain why the homeowners are frustrated with the state. >> in june, this man hired a contractor who said he had been in business for more than 20 years. >> did you think he was trustworthy at first? >> yes. there was no reason not to think so. i was wrong. >> this is the man toward higher. the man gave him $2,500 up front. >> he said he was going to buy shingles with that money. he never showed up. >> that scenario sounds familiar. the man did the same thing to her.
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>> half of the funds up front. i wrote out a check. for $3,500. he cashed the check. he almost the very next day. >> he never came back. >> i feel violated. the money is something we cannot just give away. we trusted him. >> they thought the man was a licensed contractor. he told them he was working under a relative license. that is a red flag. it cannot work under else -- will track them contractor down at his residence. >> can we talk to you? channel 11 news. >> he did not respond and disappeared into his backyard. we also tried calling but the person on the other and hung up. -- end hung up.
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>> i have been in touch with people maryland home improvement council. >> he is frustrated the process is taking so long. the state recognizes homeowner frustration with the system. >> the vast majority of complaints are from homeowners and contractors who operate in good faith. they come to a point where they cannot resolve it between themselves. >> the deputy commissioner says the state hopes to speed things enough with new initiatives. >> if we can do that, then we have more time and resources to focus on the very bad actors. >> it will not be resolved quickly. >> this is a track he regularly drives. >> they are doubtful they get their money back. a big price to pay to warn a
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hard lesson. >> you really need to take big steps in finding out who you are dealing with. >> that is tough. over the past two years, more than 40% of complaints involved on licensed -- unlicensed contractors. >> it seems an ohio woman is now paying the price. she arrived at a cleveland intersection to start serving her humbling sentence. a judge ordered the 32-year-old to stand there for an hour today and tomorrow with a sign that reads, only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus. a school bus driver complained to police in september a woman
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drove on the sidewalk to avoid the school bus stop sign. the drop -- the driver but capt -- the bus driver captured it on her smartphone. the woman has to pay $250. >> now your weather forecast with the chief meteorologist. >> cleveland, two full minutes in complete darkness. a solar eclipse passing through. the next total solar eclipse will not happen until 2017. a round here, a lot of sun today. chile during the afternoon. moving off the atlantic coast.
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notice the clouds hanging on. that is the cold, dry air. flurries and sprinkles and snow showers are around cleveland. we had almost an inch of rain. half an inch. 2.5 inches below normal. 63 is tactically the high. temperatures were in the 60's. we spent most of the day with much cooler air. bay.on the shore of the down to freezing in gettysburg. western maryland, 20's.
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clear skies and northwest breeze. tomorrow, high pressure comes in. expect a lot of sunshine tomorrow. mostly in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. everybody else in the nation is in a cool weather pattern. that will include a tomorrow. thursday, we see a storm trying to develop here. that may bring some clout. . our next best chance for rain, the end of the upcoming weekend. temperatures below normal. strong enough on the bay for a small crafted by three.
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western maryland, rise only in the 30's. -- high only in the 30's. average about 57, 58. we will end up in the low 50's on the coast. cloudy on thursday. seven-day forecast. into the 70's. dry weather through the work week. a chance for rain developing sunday afternoon. >> tonight, baseball writers announced.
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we can make you a millionaire. the first number, 12. 31. 6. 46. 56. now for the metal ball. the metal ball number is 34. the metal ball number is 34. friday, the jackpot will
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>> apparently putting the orioles back on center stage with a dramatic turnaround was not good enough for the baseball writers association of america. they chose bob mail yet -- bob melvin and not buck showalter. i was joined on my radio show tonight. he said he was very happy for melvyn. he is streamy exerting. buck acknowledged he feels bad
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for the organization after losing a chance to win another post season award. the orioles went from last place to second place. above all, buck showalter change the culture. in full swing for the baltimore ravens. the countdown is on. once again, lake in the football season, this rivalry means everything. the steelers. the ravens will be closed for the 11th time as part of this matchup. despite the pressure, it is safe to say john lives for this game. >> it is the best week of the year. it is where we feel our most comfortable.
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where i feel more comfortable. it is a team that is a did talk -- a defining type of a rivalry. we like being in this week. we like playing these guys. we love the preparation from these guys. it is the best week of the year. both of them. >> if you have not heard, a big question for the steelers. they may be without a player who suffered a shoulder injury. now, the weight is on to see if he will go against the ravens. he was taken out of the game last week -- last night. he has missed four rayburn's games in his career -- reagan's games in his career. -- ravens games in his career.
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>> it can be classified as a sprain. he has been evaluated. the injury put his participation into questionable category for this week. i have more information for you guys as i get into the week and it unfolds. a look at your seven-day forecast is next.
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>> it is a little chilly outside. it is cold outside. >> freezing in the morning. 10 degrees cooler than normal for this time of year. head into the weekend with temperatures in the 50's. it looks like some rain of arriving late in the day. sunday, decent weather, but the showers will linger into monday and tuesday. >> thank you. that is all. >> thank you for joining us.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes oscar-nominated actress, keira knightley.

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